Home Gaming News Black Mesa is now being remade in GoldSRC

Black Mesa is now being remade in GoldSRC

Black Mesa is now being remade in GoldSRC

Half-Life is undoubtedly one of the biggest legends in the entire game industry. Valve revolutionized the way that video games are made when they released the first game. For years, Half-Life inspired a lot of people on countless ways and it still does. One of the best examples of this is the mod called Black Mesa, which turned into a standalone game. It took 15 years to develop into its current state, and the team does not seem to stop anytime soon. But today’s news are absolutely a different surprise for everyone.

A group of modders is taking this great game, Black Mesa, and turning it into a GoldSRC mod called Black Mesa Classic. Yes, you have heard it right and this is completely real. At first, it may sound absurd but when you think of it, Black Mesa expanded the original game in immeasurable ways. As much as it began as just a mod for a modern engine, later it evolved into a standalone game that brought much more content than the original game had. Now someone wants to carry this work into the GoldSRC engine, because it is both possible and exciting.

Black Mesa Classic dates back to 2019, but there was not much news about it back then. Now the team is ready to release a playable demo for testing. They actually released a small one but removed due to a very small issue on the same day. It was mentioned that once the problem is fixed, they are going to upload it again. The demo is from the chapter “We’ve Got Hostiles”. Absolutely a great choice among all.

This attempt will also provide people with older PCs a chance to enjoy the content of Black Mesa, even if it is in a different engine. Plus, it is a great way to remember how much GoldSRC engine is still capable of. Team is looking for additional modders, mappers, animators and programmers.