Monday, May 27, 2024

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DFHack mod for Dwarf Fortress is available on Steam

While Dwarf Fortress is enjoying its new success after one and a half decade, modders are also working on making the experience even better.

Skyblivion developers ran a 4-hour stream

During the stream, they showed a lot of details and content from the current progress of Skyblivion. We saw almost all aspects of the game.

Endless Dungeon release date revealed

Release date for Endless Dungeon is confirmed as 18th of May on Steam. Pre-orders are available, and Last Wish Edition allows early access.

Marvel’s Avengers support will end in late 2023

According to an announcement from Crystal Dynamics, they will be ending the support for Marvel's Avengers at the end of September this year.

The Callisto Protocol adds New Game Plus mode

Striking Distance Studios previously confirmed that they will be adding a New Game Plus mode to The Callisto Protocol in upcoming updates.

Psyonix unleashed a banwave against bots

Recently, Rocket League was infested with players using some sort of bots especially on ranked mode, ruining many games.

Warzone is bringing 1v1 Gulag back

Gulag fights were made 1v1 back in the first Warzone, and Warzone 2 changed this to be 2v2 fights instead.

Blizzard is under investigation for Diablo Immortal

This is definitely not the first serious problem with Diablo Immortal, and it does not seem like it will be the last one.

There were talks about an Avatar game from Obsidian

Feargus Urquhart mentioned that they were in talks with James Cameron and 20th Century Fox about a possible Avatar 2 game.

Joseph Staten is leaving 343 Industries

Joseph Staten is leaving 343 Industries to join Xbox Game Studios Publishing, where he used to work before his duty in 343.

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