Home Gaming News Escape From Tarkov wipe event is ready to go

Escape From Tarkov wipe event is ready to go

Escape From Tarkov wipe event is ready to go

Escape From Tarkov is a very unique game with many aspects, and one of them is surely their in-game surprise events with unpredictable themes. Game is based on looting and shooting, but with a heavy focus on hardcore survival. Thanks to its realistic military theme, Escape From Tarkov quickly became one of the most unforgiving games around which attracts the most masochistic horde in gaming. Add these special events and you have full chaos.

This time though, the latest event may actually decrease the difficulty a bit. Normally, players used to see some random boss spawns, free Lab access, extra powerful Raider NPCs and so on which obviously add a different layer of difficulty. Now since the airdrops are still a new feature, event will increase the number of airdrops quite a lot so you can experience both the general effects on gameplay and the rare loot that comes from those drops. 

Wipe is the time when the servers, in-game economy and player progressions are reset. People start again with new content update added to the game, and it provides everyone a fresh opportunity to compete on equal ground. Mostly, the wipe comes after a week-long pre-wipe event and this event is a solid sign combined with the tweet from Nikita Buyanov. There is not a strict time announced for the wipe yet though.