Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Fallout: London has a new trailer and a release window

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Fallout: London, is a DLC-sized Fallout 4 mod set in post-apocalyptic England, and it is not the first time we are seeing it. Now it has a new long trailer and a release window. Brace yourselves, because Fallout: London will arrive sometime in 2023. There are some interesting moments in the trailer, such as seeing someone on a bicycle, a post-credits sequence that shows someone riding an elephant into combat.

Rideable bikes, war elephants, these are absolutely exciting details for such a game where vehicles are more useful as traps rather than means of transportation. Since there were a few example of vehicles in-game during the series, adding bicycle into the list does not seem strange at all. There are also a few seconds in the trailer of the player piloting a small boat. 

When it comes to remaining parts of the trailer, all we can say is that “London’s weather… London’s weather never changes.” That fog and rain is there to stay, post-apocalypse or not. Currently there is not a precise release date, but we should be seeing more details once 2023 is close.

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