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Google is working on Android games for ChromeOS

Google is working on Android games for ChromeOS

There are some interesting news coming from Google and ChromeOS. Years ago, Chromebooks received access to Android apps and games for some extra functionality. Now, ChromeOS users will have some alpha-stage game controls which are originally optimized for touchscreen games.

This will begin with ChromeOS 105, as the system will transform key presses into a simulated type of touches. Google says that they are developing this system as a way to overcome certain challenges with ChromeOS gaming experience. This might also save effort on developers’ side as they have to optimize their apps for various platforms.

First signs of this upcoming feature was actually spotted years ago, and Google had some references around called as the “public beta of a gaming overlay”. They are intending to provide an editor for control mapping for various games to work on Chromebooks, and extended support for other devices like mouse and gamepad. This could bring a lot of opportunities for children who are given a Chromebook for work and study purposes to at least enjoy some games every once in a while too.