Thursday, May 23, 2024

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 board game is coming

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Heroes of Might and Magic series is a legend when it comes to turn-based strategy games, and its third game is whole another level. There are still countless fans who remember it with very fond memories, while other games could not reach to the point it did. Now hold tight for the news: HOMM3 is getting a board game by Archon Studios, complete with miniatures, monsters and the almost identical reflection of tactical battles.

Lately, a lot of great games are receiving their own board games and there are really a lot of board games fans around the world. While it may sound kind of difficult to recreate the game on a tabletop setting, Archon Studio seems to do a great job about it. The pieces seem very nice and sufficient. 

HOMM3 board game is expected to launch a Kickstarter on 15th of November, 2022. Archon Studios is not a newcomer for the board games, as they already have released a few back in the past such as the Wolfenstein adaptation.

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