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Mod of the Year awards are announced

Mod of the Year awards are announced

Every year, ModDB organizes an event where users are voting for the best mod of the year. There are a lot of mods being made for countless games by enthusiastic fans, and some of them are absolutely of great quality.

This year, a Half-Life 2 mod called Entropy: Zero 2 won the Mod of the Year award. It is a single-player mod where player experiences the story of a Combine soldier who is fighting in a post-Freeman period. There are great scenes, cleverly designed levels and puzzles, and a great look at the missing part of the story. In its prequel, Entropy Zero, we were playing a Combine Metrocop before Freeman’s arrival in City 17. This time we are tracking down a Combine Elite who has crucial information about our background.

You can see the list of top 10 winners in the ModDB’s official page.