Thursday, May 23, 2024

Phil Spencer talks about bringing StarCraft back

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As the acquisition deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard progresses, Phil Spencer reveals his intentions further about the possibilities of bringing back old games. One of the most crucial remarks he has made was about reviving the old series from Activision Blizzard. Recently he also stated that he would be excited to bring StarCraft back.

He was originally talking about the 25th anniversary of Age of Empires, a classic RTS series that defined the genre for decades. But StarCraft is definitely no less than its medieval-themed peer, and Phil Spencer says that he finds the idea of bringing back StarCraft exciting when he was asked about it.

Blizzard is known for impacting the RTS scene with legendary names such as StarCraft and WarCraft. Currently there are not any known plans about making the leap for those old series, but if there would be just one person to make it happen, it would be Spencer as his current position is very favorable for such huge moves. Expectations in near future would be too optimistic, but a few years later things might change indeed.

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