Friday, September 29, 2023

PvE content for Halo Infinite Forge mode might be on its way

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Halo Infinite community currently seems happy with the Forge mode as they are able to unleash their creativity on the game with almost no boundaries. One of the streamers for Halo Infinite, UberNick tweeted that players would like to see a PvE mode. Answer was pretty straight.

Michael Schorr, lead designer for the Forge mode, answered to UberNick with simply “On it!”. He did not give any details about it, but apparently the plans are there and we can clearly expect some nice surprises in the future. He also said in another tweet that “they are working on the best way to bring campaign AI into Forge”. It could also possibly mean that players might be able to create their own PvE campaigns in Forge too.

Currently we will have to wait for further details, but 2023 might bring great news for Halo fans.

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