Friday, March 1, 2024

Samsung strengthens its new laptops with Intel partnership

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Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. The South Korea-based company aims to bring this laptop series between PCs and smartphones.

Many users feel that the next generation PCs should carry the power of a laptop and the DNA of a smartphone. To meet this expectation, Samsung worked with its longtime partner Intel to develop its new laptops.

The new laptops produced by the joint engineering of Samsung and Intel

With the production of its new series of laptops, Samsung has succeeded in combining the company’s innovative PC ecosystem with the industry leader of the mobile ecosystem, Intel.

As the Corporate Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics and leading the New Computing R&D team at the Mobile division, Dr. Hark-sang Kim states that their customers now expect their smartphones to offer similar power and productivity to PCs, and they want these PCs to behave like smartphones. For this reason, it seems that Samsung attaches importance to connectivity and portability when designing the new Galaxy Book Pro series.

To improve cross-device experiences, Intel has created a co-engineering team dedicated to this Samsung project. This platform-level collaboration resulted in the Galaxy Book Pro series being optimized for the best Intel Evo platform. Thus, users can benefit from maximum portability and powerful connectivity options that include always-connected LTE or 5G and Wi-Fi 6E.

Engineers at Samsung and Intel referenced real-world workflows for consistent device performance and battery life experience. This collaboration enabled the SmartThings Find functionality designed by Samsung to be brought to the new laptops. The two companies have worked closely to ensure that Intel Bluetooth drivers can work as optimized for SmartThings Find.

In addition to these developments, the “Intelligent Noise Canceling” feature of the Galaxy Book Pro series was also worked on. In order to eliminate the noise in voice communication, the artificial intelligence power of Intel Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 2.0 was used.
This laptop series produced jointly by Samsung and Intel seems to provide a special experience for users. Samsung and Intel will also collaborate on many new technologies, including Intel Core processors with multiple types of XPU cores, unique computer designs with Galaxy DNA, and more powerful artificial intelligence technology.

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