Monday, May 27, 2024

Steam Autumn Sale is live

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Finally, that time of the year arrived again and Steam users are very happy to see most games in discount. Steam Autumn Sale is on, and it will stay with us until 29th of November. There is also the Steam Awards event for everyone to join too.

The sales are too long to include here, and best way to start checking them out would probably be your own wishlist. When it comes to Steam Awards, there are a bunch of categories you can nominate games for. The list is below.

  • Game of the year
  • VR game of the year
  • Labor of love
  • Better with friends
  • Outstanding visual style
  • Most innovative gameplay
  • Best game you suck at
  • Best soundtrack
  • Outstanding story-rich game
  • Sit back and relax
  • Best game on the go

Nominating games will award you Steam badges, and there are some more tasks such as nominating a game in every category, play a game you nominate, or review a game you nominate. In case you change your mind about one of the nominations, you can also edit it. Long story short, feel free to check everything out and enjoy all you can during this one week festival.

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