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There were talks about an Avatar game from Obsidian

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A recent interview with Feargus Urquhart was released where he talked about some projects. For those who do not know, Feargus Urquhart is the CEO of Obsidian Entertainment and also one of the founders. Obsidian Entertainment is famous for its great RPGs throughout the years.

At some point during the interview, Feargus Urquhart mentioned that they were in talks with James Cameron and 20th Century Fox about a possible Avatar 2 game. According to his words, this was around 6-8 years ago, so it is a long gone thing now. Apparently this proposal took place before Avatar: The Way of Water was officially revealed and way before Microsoft bought Obsidian Entertainment. 

For both Avatar and Obsidian fans, this news might be heartbreaking. Finding out about such a possibility years later and knowing that it will not happen is surely not a great moment at all. Back in those days, Obsidian Entertainment was in a tough spot though. They found their way out of that crisis period thanks to kickstarting Pillars of Eternity. According to Feargus Urquhart, the idea of crowdfunding came from the employees Josh Sawyer and Adam Brennecke.

In case you are wondering about a possibility of Fallout series, Urquhart said they are not working on it and there is not even a slightest talk for that.

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