Home Gaming News You can export images from 1998 Game Boy Camera now

You can export images from 1998 Game Boy Camera now

You can export images from 1998 Game Boy Camera now

An engineer named Matt Gray managed to export the images he took with 1998 Game Boy Camera to his mobile phone.

An engineer managed to find a way to transfer photos taken with 1998 Game Boy Camera to modern digital platform. For this, the engineer named Matt gray used a wireless adapter to transfer the images to his mobile phone.

During its 4 years of journey, starting in 1998, Game Boy Camera was an accessory for Nintendo game Boy console. During this short time period, many players and users collected lots of memories with these devices. As nostalgia and longing for the past becomes the new trend, there are users using Game boy Camera even today.

Even though you can take gray-scaled pictures with the device, exporting them is a pain. The only possible way was using a Game Boy Printer. However this device can hold at maximum 30 images at once.

Grey had attempts to transfer its images from console to modern platforms but failed. But at last, he managed to export his images from Game Boy to his mobile phone by using wireless carrier. The way, users can transfer their images easily. But our dedicated engineer didn’t stop there and shared the code and setup information so that everyone can benefit from this method.

You can check the video below and visit his channel to find out more about if you are looking to export your Game Boy Camera photos.