Friday, March 1, 2024

Allegedly, PlayStation Plus will get a big upgrade

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A few days ago, Sony acquired Crunchyroll, a US-based anime and manga distributor, publisher, production and licensing company.

At the time the acquisition was finalized, Sony stated that their goal is to create a unified subscription service between Funimation and Crunchyroll. Although this may not seem related to the game and PlayStation Plus at first glance, Eurogamer claims that Sony wants to release a premium version of PlayStation Plus and include the Crunchyroll service in it.

It seems inevitable that if such an upgrade comes to PlayStation Plus, which a 12-month subscription is currently $59.99, the premium version will be more expensive than the standard version.

In April, a claim was made saying that PlayStation will use the anime industry and PS Plus to create a subscription service similar to Xbox Game Pass. The current claim seems to confirm the claim in April.


If the claim comes true, we can compare Sony’s new subscription service with Apple One, not Xbox Game Pass, because Apple One is the most similar competitor to the subscription service Sony wants to create.

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