Saturday, March 2, 2024

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6 is finally out

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The update, which was eagerly awaited by the fans of the game, came out with many innovations. Since the previous update was a background improvement, players were waiting for new content for this update. And Larian Studios has come up with a big update that will satisfy everyone.

A small part of the innovations added to the game are as follows:

  • Added new Grymforge region, an ancient Sharran fortress featuring new content, quests, combat, and mysterious NPCs to face. Added setup for several Grymforge quests in the Underdark.
  • Added new Sorcerer class, featuring two unique subclasses: Wild Magic and Draconic Bloodline.
  • New Sorcerer spells were added.
  • Added new weapon actions, giving ranged and melee weapons up to three lethal signature moves – now non-magic wielders have more options at their disposal in combat as long as they are proficient with the weapon.
  • Completely revamped lighting system with volumetric fog/lighting.
  • New songs in menu and camp.


You can visit the Steam page to reach the long Patch Note and all the innovations.

You can buy the game from the official website or game platforms.

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