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DFHack mod for Dwarf Fortress is available on Steam

While Dwarf Fortress is enjoying its new success after one and a half decade, modders are also working on making the experience even better.

Skyblivion developers ran a 4-hour stream

During the stream, they showed a lot of details and content from the current progress of Skyblivion. We saw almost all aspects of the game.

Endless Dungeon release date revealed

Release date for Endless Dungeon is confirmed as 18th of May on Steam. Pre-orders are available, and Last Wish Edition allows early access.

The Callisto Protocol falls short in sales

Expectations about The Callisto Protocol was really intense, but recent reports about the sales are revealing otherwise.

Hellscreen puts a rear-view mirror into a FPS

Every once in a while, a developer comes up with a truly crazy idea. This time, Hellscreen does it by putting a rear-view mirror into a FPS.

Lost Ark anti-cheat caused innocent players to be banned

Amazon Games noticed the problem with Lost Ark bans and stated that "they are aware of this issue and working to reverse it.

Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders are shaking Steam charts

Even before its release, Hogwarts Legacy became one of the most selling games on Steam in terms of revenue.

Company of Heroes 3 announced a free beta test

Company of Heroes 3 will be released on 23rd of February for PC. Console versions will come at a later date.

Hitman trilogy will be turned into a package

This full package includes the standard edition of Hitman 3 and Hitman 2 in addition to GOTY edition of Hitman 1 for a $70 price tag.

World of Horror is leaving early access

World of Horror went into early access state in February 2020, and it was being updated constantly since then.

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