Thursday, May 23, 2024

Diablo 4 will allow for non-linear gameplay

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Diablo 4 is now the upcoming hype in the series, as Blizzard have been meticulously working on the title since years. Team behind the game says that the usual formula of linearity is being loosened to the point that game will allow for a non-linear gameplay but it will not be a purely open world RPG.

Developers say that people usually tend to think of Breath of the Wild when someone says “open world”. Diablo 4 will still have a story with a beginning and ending, but game will allow players to enjoy a certain amount of non-linearity. There will be times when people will also wander around freely if they want to. Side quests will be there to accompany the player during their free roam.

This freedom does not mean that the game will just throw you into the world of Diablo without any challenge though. Developers have been working on many features and content. One of them is the use of mount throughout the entire game. According to the latest rumors, we will be able to place pre-orders in December and see an early access launch in February. If the rumors are right, and things still go well at the time, game may be released in April 2023. For the official reveal, best bet might be The Game Awards on 8th of December.

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