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PS4 News

Marvel’s Avengers support will end in late 2023

According to an announcement from Crystal Dynamics, they will be ending the support for Marvel's Avengers at the end of September this year.

The Callisto Protocol adds New Game Plus mode

Striking Distance Studios previously confirmed that they will be adding a New Game Plus mode to The Callisto Protocol in upcoming updates.

Psyonix unleashed a banwave against bots

Recently, Rocket League was infested with players using some sort of bots especially on ranked mode, ruining many games.

Warzone is bringing 1v1 Gulag back

Gulag fights were made 1v1 back in the first Warzone, and Warzone 2 changed this to be 2v2 fights instead.

Warzone 2 might bring small maps back

Back in Warzone, Rebirth Island and its successor Fortune's Keep caught the players off-guard with their fast-paced Battle Royale experience.

Sims 4 adds two new kits

Sims 4 is adding two new kits to the game, one focusing on the underwear theme and the other is focusing on the bathroom theme.

The Callisto Protocol falls short in sales

Expectations about The Callisto Protocol was really intense, but recent reports about the sales are revealing otherwise.

Overwatch 2 players are unhappy with Sojourn

Most players who are unhappy with the current situation mention that Sojourn has incredible mobility and damage potential with little risk.

Overwatch 2 received a small update

This update is confirmed to be followed by a larger one around the end of January. Current one buffs Junker Queen, Zarya, Brigitte and Moira. 

PlayStation added thousands of new names to the sales

Sony surprised the gamers with its PlayStation Store January Sale and added thousands of new products into the list.

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