Friday, September 29, 2023

Elden Ring dataminers have found interesting details

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Elden Ring has been quiet for some time, but lately we are seeing some rumors and a patch that brings us some news. The 1.07 patch brings us a special scaling for weapons, skills, spells and incantations for PvP. This special scaling will not affect other modes. Besides these changes, patch notes also cover a bunch of fixes for various bugs and issues.

Rumors are a lot more interesting than the usual patch notes though. There are two main points with them. Dataminers have found some quite interesting details. First one is that some lines in the game data actually indicate a Ray Tracing support coming up in future patches. This is actually relatively expected since a lot of games are slowly adding Ray Tracing support.

Another finding shows a much more exciting possible addition to the game. Some references to map IDs show that there are some unused data in the current state of the game. This might be a sign of DLC, or anything similar. Apparently, Elden Ring is far from being over despite its recent silence.

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