Thursday, April 18, 2024

Elden Ring released a small patch for recent issues

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Elden Ring recently released its 1.08 update, called Colosseum. With that update, players noticed some unintended changes to the game and FromSoftware acknowledged these issues quickly. After some time in works, today they released a quick patch with version number 1.08.1 to fix them.

Colosseum update was a free one and it was released on December 6. Focus of that update was around PvP gameplay in the arenas. There were a couple issues such as player positions not appearing properly on the compass. Another issue was observed during crouched attacks with right-handed weapons with certain weapon types in the left hand.

Do not let such minor issues deceive you though, as Elden Ring was released in early months of 2022 and it became a strong candidate for the Game of the Year award ever since. Just a week ago, it won the Game of the Year award in The Game Awards event by surpassing its closest competitor, God of War Ragnarok.

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