Saturday, April 20, 2024

Endless Dungeon release date revealed

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Amplitude is coming back with a new “Endless” game, which is named “Endless Dungeon” this time. Some players may remember Dungeon of the Endless from 2014, a roguelike tactical RPG. Endless Dungeon is similar to a follow-up but not a direct sequel to this game, making a change by being a twin-stick shooter and tower defense hybrid instead.

Trailer shows us the basic structure of the game, where we will be gathering crystals and fighting aliens. There will be solo and team modes, different characters to customize your strategies, weapon modification options and more. You will be progressing by opening doors on your way, but each door will mean more enemies. At some point, you will need to have set up a proper defense path because there are hives spawning more enemies every few minutes so if you do not have strong defenses, you will eventually be overwhelmed. 

Release date for Endless Dungeon is confirmed as 18th of May on Steam. Pre-orders are available, and Last Wish Edition also has an early access advantage.

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