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Epic Games project Paragon is being revived

Epic Games project Paragon is being revived

There was a MOBA by Epic Games, called Paragon, which was shut down back in 2018 after the huge success of Fortnite. Recently noticed, the game is being revived with Epic’s permission to a South Korean studio, Netmarble. It will be renamed as Paragon: The Overprime, and it will be a free-to-play action MOBA.


There is not much to tell about MOBA as a genre, nowadays everyone knows what players do there. Abbreviation of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, you simply jump into a match and try to destroy the enemy base. This free team-based TPS Action MOBA will also not be hugely different either. Early Access is expected to be soon, but there is no information about how long this period will last.

Paragon was initially released in 2016. It was Epic Games’ own project, but after the shutdown Epic released all assets for free, which was worth $17 million. There are some other games which used the assets, but now Netmarble has the official permission to also use the Paragon IP.