Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Epic Games

Epic Games project Paragon is being revived

Recently noticed, the TPS MOBA game Paragon is being revived with Epic's permission to a South Korean studio, Netmarble.

Epic Games won a lawsuit against a cheater and donates settlement money to charity

In the recent news, Epic Games took a Fortnite cheater to the court in Australia due to a range of unethical activities.

Epic Games is being sued due to a dance emote copyright

Epic Games is not a stranger of lawsuits, and this time they are being sued over a dance emote. The emote is called "It's complicated".

Epic Games gained support from Microsoft against Apple

The war between Epic Games and Apple continues, and parties are still pushing on the matter despite minor victories declared during the time.

Epic Games Publishing signs with Eyes Out and Spry Fox

Epic Games Publishing is throwing its full weight behind two more indie studios. And this time, they couldn't be more different.

Epic Games admitted that the Impostors mode was inspired by Among Us

While this is definitely not an apology, accepting it also seems to be a step towards the right direction for Epic Games.

Epic Games v. Apple case decision is in favor of Epic

A decision has been made in the well-known "Epic Games v. Apple" case, which has been followed by the media and players since August 2020.

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