Saturday, September 30, 2023

Fallout New Vegas was going to be an expansion pack

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Fallout New Vegas is regarded as easily the best game in entire series, besides being one of the best RPGs of all time. Despite the success of first two Fallout games from Interplay and Black Isle, the original team, FNV was definitely a groundbreaking game. What if we told you that it was actually going to be an expansion rather than a standalone game though?

After all these years, it’s a huge surprise to hear that Fallout New Vegas was actually planned as an expansion pack for Fallout 3, following up to enjoy the fame of Fallout 3. Back in the day, transition from 2D isometric style to 3D FPS/RPG had a serious success and Bethesda wanted to keep the tires rolling.

With the developers from Interplay and Black Isle inside, Obsidian Entertainment was the obvious choice for this project. But it wasn’t long before Todd Howard noticed that this should be a standalone game rather than just an expansion pack. Feargus Urquhart and Josh Sawyer, two great names when it comes to Fallout series, made their magic again and brought us an unforgettable game. With the classic Obsidian Entertainment recipe that brings player into the middle of factions, ethos and a big problem to solve, lore of Fallout series worked perfectly. 

Considering that this was done with the old engine used by Bethesda, it is truly unbelieveable. Nowadays a team is working hard to bring Fallout New Vegas to the engine of Fallout 4, a project called Fallout 4 New Vegas. This game will apparently stay with us for a much longer time.

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