Home Gaming News Halo infinite campaign co-op test starts in July

Halo infinite campaign co-op test starts in July

Halo infinite campaign co-op test starts in July

Halo Infinite developer, 343 Industries, is finally starting its public test for Halo Infinite co-op mode. Fans have been waiting for the co-op mode for a long time.

The test is announced to be held between July 11th and July 22nd. If you want to participate in this test you are going to need to sign up for the Halo Insider program. In case you have played Halo Infinite single player campaign your progress is not going to carry over. This test requires players to download a full new campaign build and start from ground zero. The progress you have made with a group is going to be carrying over to solo play but the progress in the test build is not going to be transferring to the actual retail version once the mode is officially released.

Good news is, cross-play is going to be fully supported for the platforms we are already using. This includes platforms Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S  and PC. The maximum party size is going to be four players.

Currently, the date for actual release is not known. The most recent announcement from 343 Industries refers to a late August launch. In case you are wondering, open beta for the Forge mode is also coming in September according to their own road map.