Thursday, May 23, 2024

Ken from Street Fighter will be a “terrorist suspect”

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Street Fighter 6 is still a big excitement for fighting game fans, and some story details are coming up every once in a while. This time we are in for a surprise. Good old Ken, the fan favorite, is actually a terrorist suspect in the upcoming game.

You heard right. Redesign of Ken put him in the middle of highly varying comments and guesses, though the questions about backstory are never truly answered without an official confirmation. Only thing we could guess about Ken is that he is far from being a peaceful, stable man.

According to Game Informer‘s preview, we finally get to know that Ken is actually arrested due to the suspicion of terrorism. Story is not fully revealed, but it seems like his life is being ruined due to a crime he was not responsible for. Takayuki Nakayama, director of Street Fighter 6, says that this big change was made in order to give Ken a purpose.

Ken has been a favorite character for many, and it is surprising to see a plot twist like that. It will probably be great to watch him find his way out from this chaos with thousands of punches and kicks.

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