Thursday, April 18, 2024

Next free Epic Games Store game is Encased

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Next game for the Epic Games Store “15 Days of Free Games” campaign is revealed, and Encased is now free to claim until 4PM GMT today. Encased is a post-apocalyptic and dystopian isometric RPG where you survive, explore, fight and join various factions to help them in a ruined world.

Yesterday, Epic Games Store gave away Fallout Classic Collection which could be easily remarked as one of the best post-apocalyptic RPG experiences of all time. Encased is the eighth game in the giveaway series, so now we are moving towards the end of this great campaign slowly.

Besides, there are discounts up to 75% until 5th of January, 2023. In addition to these discounts, Epic provides a further 25% off full game purchases of $14.99 or above during the sale. The 25% discount won’t work on pre-purchases, game add-ons like DLC or season passes, or in-game currencies unless you have an eligible game in your cart.

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