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Overwatch 2 players are unhappy with Sojourn

Overwatch 2 players are unhappy with Sojourn

We are already a couple months into Overwatch 2, and people already seem to be missing the first game for numerous reasons. One of them is apparently one of the new heroes, Sojourn.

There are some threads in Reddit asking people about what would be any possible rework or change they would like to see. The ideas are many, but a solid majority of them are revolving around nerfing Sojourn. Most players who are unhappy with the current situation mention that Sojourn has incredible mobility and damage potential with little risk. This allows players on higher ranks to utilize this potential to absurd levels.

Sojourn already received a few nerfs but players are still not content with it. Her slide ability seems to annoy people a lot. One of the Sojourn players in the thread said that her damage could be nerfed instead so it would not be this easy to kill opponents.

Besides the imbalance in her power levels, one of the skins for Sojourn, Cyber Detective, had a glitch which made her turn invisible. It was resolved a while ago, but surely it ruined many games before Blizzard handled it.