Home Gaming News Psyonix unleashed a banwave against bots

Psyonix unleashed a banwave against bots

Psyonix unleashed a banwave against bots

Rocket League has been around for a good while, turning a very fun niche into a huge competitive scene. Recently though, the game was infested with bots especially on ranked mode. The specific bot in question is called Nexto, which was actually built for beneficial purposes such as learning. Eventually, some people found a way to use it to ruin people’s games.

Psyonix was working on a solution since a few weeks, and finally they seem to have found a way to prevent these bots. A banwave is initiated, and it covers a serious majority of accounts which used bots since they first appeared. They also mentioned that they are actively monitoring the situation to keep things proper. 

Besides, developers are also working on additional anti-cheat measures for the game. There will be further news about it in following days. For now, things seem to be under control.