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Returnal system requirements are updated

Returnal system requirements are updated

Returnal is one of the games expected to arrive in the early weeks of 2023. Sony previously informed fans that Returnal will not be a PlayStation 5 exclusive soon, and also revealed the system requirements for PC. There was a slight problem though, which was the 32 GB RAM listed as a “recommended” requirement.

After a while, we get some updates about the system requirements of Returnal alongside a precise release date. First things first, the game will be released on 15th of February. Now we know how long we will have to wait. When it comes to the system requirements, Sony updated the list to reflect that recommended list of requirements will now show 16 GB RAM. If you want to go for the higher settings such as 4K and Ray Tracing though, you will still need 32 GB RAM instead.

Steam page of Returnal is updated with this fresh information. Besides, the PC version will have support for Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR, Nvidia Image Scaling, Ray Tracing and more. Just four more weeks to wait for all this.