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Samsung’s V-NAND-based SSD will come out this year

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Samsung confirmed two days ago that they plan to launch their consumer-focused SSD, which includes 7th generation V-NAND technology, in the second half of 2021.

The 6th generation V-NAND can stack 100 layers, while the 7th generation V-NAND will be able to stack 176 layers without increasing the height of the module. This means up to 35% less cell volume.

Moreover, the company states that they already have a chip working with the 8th generation V-NAND solution and will bring this technology to the market in accordance with consumer demands. The 8th generation V-NAND will have more than 200 layers.

7th generation V-NAND SSD appears to aim professionals working from home

Samsung will optimize the 7th generation V-NAND SSD for heavy workloads. Therefore, we can conclude that Samsung is aiming professional customers working from home.

The South Korean tech company claims that this new SSD can handle multiple and heavy workloads such as simultaneous video editing and 3D modeling. No capacity options have been announced for the SSD yet.

Besides this powerful SSD, Samsung claims that 7th generation V-NAND technology will consume less power and be 16% more efficient compared to 6th generation V-NAND.

Samsung wants to push the limits of V-NAND technology

Samsung knows that one day the limits of V-NAND technology will be reached, and they are confident that they will overcome this obstacle by using 3D scaling technology.

According to the company, V-NAND technology will reach more than 1,000 layers, although it will take some time. Even so, Samsung remains assertive that they will continue to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance in the SSD industry.

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