Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Apple Arcade fans finally have a great controller

The controller is called PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus controller and it definitely looks great for the games that are in Apple Arcade.

Steam Deck production is speeding up, Valve confirms

Valve recently confirmed that they are speeding up the shipments of Steam Deck, as most issues in the supply chain are being resolved.

Microsoft is speeding up Xbox booting times

Xbox consoles are having nice upgrade from Microsoft. The booting time of Xbox Series X/S consoles are being reduced around 5 seconds.

PlayStation 5 stocks from Sony out in one day

News about available PlayStation 5 stocks by Sony did not take long to become obsolete as the stocks are almost immediately sold out.

Steam Deck now runs Playdate Simulator

If you have a Steam Deck, you can install Playdate Simulator and enjoy the experience with little tinkering.

Steam Deck shipments are increasing in volume

According to a recent announcement by Valve on Twitter, Steam Deck shipment volume is doubling up to cover incoming orders successfully.

Steam Deck refresh rate is now adjustable on the go

Steam Deck continues to receive some great updates, and this time we are welcoming the SteamOS 3.2 version with a solid feature.

Steam Deck replacement parts are listed on seller websites

In latest news, some replacement parts for Steam Deck were noticed to be listed on iFixit, but they were taken down quick.

Final Fantasy 14 launcher is finally fixed for Steam Deck

Final Fantasy 14 launcher was having some serious issues when it comes to launching on Steam Deck, but Valve finally found a solution for the players.

Steam Deck now has Windows audio drivers

Valve came up with the news that they provided the driver for audio if you want to install Windows on the gaming portable.

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