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Sims 4 adds two new kits

Sims 4 adds two new kits

Sims 4 is adding two new kits to the game, focusing on the underwear and bathroom themes. These kits will be available on January 19th, and their price tags are expected to be the same with other kits.

First one of them is called the Simtimates Collection, where Electronic Arts and MeUndies running a partnership which promotes players to create their own prints with various clothing types. Players can enjoy a wide variety of designs and patterns, some of which are also available on MeUndies website to buy in real life.

Second kit is called “Bathroom Clutter”, bringing the funny and cute part of the bathroom to the game. According to the developers, this kit has something for everyone ranging from cute wall decals for kids to grandma’s dentures, lotions, combs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairdryer and more.

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