Thursday, May 23, 2024

Skate 4 will be called skate.

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The eagerly waited Skate 4 game is coming up with new information after recent leaks. This time, Full Circle made an official statement regarding some various aspects of the game.

First of all, the game is officially named “skate.” The meaning behind the name is that it is not a sequel but a whole different platform which will stay for a long time. So you should not expect Skate 5 or anything like that. They are simply telling us to skate, and enjoy.

Game will be free-to-play for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Besides, it will have cross-play and cross-progression support. Full Circle also very clearly stated that there will be no pay to win mechanic, no locations to be unlocked via paywalls, no paid loot boxes and no paid gameplay advantages. This sounds like a very bold and positive decision for all gamers out there especially when many games are turning to vulgar monetization strategies.

Game began its testing phases at a quite early point of progress, but Electronic Arts and Full Circle agree on having as much as possible feedback before making a full release, so they can come up with a final product that is enjoyable for everyone. There is not a release date at this stage, but you can always follow the news for testing periods that will come.

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