Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Callisto Protocol stutter issues are fixed

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The Callisto Protocol launched with an unexpectedly serious optimization issue, as many players were furious that game had constant crashes. This even led to a flood of negative Steam reviews, pushing down the game’s score to 22%. Players even made fun of it and called the game “The Stuttering Protocol”.

After this huge disaster, a patch came up to resolve this problem and then people were able to play the game again. Now the game has 52% score as we write these lines. Developers mentioned that after this patch is installed, it may cause a temporary stutter during the first launch only. They are still working on the optimization.

Glen Schofield explained the background of this disaster and clarified that “a wrong file was patched”. This was simply a human error, and caused by the rush on launch day. He apologized for this surprise disappointment. There are still some players who did not see such problems, but a majority of players were absolutely raging.

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