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Warzone is bringing 1v1 Gulag back

Warzone is bringing 1v1 Gulag back

Warzone 2 players are getting some exciting news today. One of the most important parts of the game is definitely Gulag, where players who are defeated at the early stages of game are fighting for another chance. If you lose in Gulag, you are out of the game. If you win, you go back to battlefield and keep fighting.

Gulag fights were made 1v1 back in the first game, and Warzone 2 changed this to be 2v2 fights. This caused a variety of reactions, but most players were unhappy with this change. Besides the 2v2 fights, there was a new AI jailer figure that all four players can team up against to let everyone return to the match.

Players were not really happy to get a randomly selected teammate in Gulag because it usually brings up frustration. When it comes to teaming up against the jailer, it is really a rare thing. Finally, the requests are seen by the developers and they announced the upcoming changes on Twitter. Players seem quite happy with this news, as this implementation will take place in Season 2, meaning 15th of February.