5 Warzone 2.0 glitches that break the game

If there is one thing that which you can not think of Warzone without, that is definitely the bunch of glitches and bugs breaking the game every now and then. While the game is awesome for many reasons, players always came across various types of glitches. Sometimes they are relatively harmless and minor, but sometimes they can be literally gamebreaking. Today, we are remembering 5 most serious glitches found in Warzone 2.0.


5. Weapon XP Glitch

In Warzone, players are expected to use their weapons and score kills with them to gain XP for the weapon. This allows them to unlock special attachments, and eventually the tuning feature that maximizes the ability to adjust its stats. There are many ways to speed this process up, but one of them was totally out of the line.

In the new DMZ mode, players could find a weapon and a good amount of cash together, allowing them to use Buy Station and purchase ammo boxes for that weapon. This also grants XP to the player, and eventually stack a lot of XP without having to enter combat.