Thursday, May 23, 2024

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6 games that reward careful driving

Today, we are remembering 6 games that prefer a slower driving rather than "pedal to the metal" type of driving.

7 great arcade games that celebrated 30th anniversary in 2022

Today we are listing 7 legendary arcade games which celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2022, standing against the test of time.

5 Warzone 2.0 glitches that break the game

If there is one thing that which you can not think of Warzone without, that is definitely the bunch of glitches and bugs breaking the game.

7 Early Access games to keep an eye on in 2023

Today, we are highlighting 7 games currently in Early Access state on Steam which are worth keeping an eye on for the upcoming year.

7 games with great opening scenes

Today, we are looking at 7 games which had really remarkable opening scenes, capturing the players right off the bat.

7 great RPGs without a sequel

Best examples of RPGs provide us with excellent stories and a plethora of options to go through them as we like.

5 best video game boss speeches

There are surely many different points of interest in video games, but sometimes a speech can really steal our hearts.

5 video game bugs that later turned into features

Some bugs were deemed to be useful as features in the video game industry after the impact they had on the experience.

5 video game cheat codes that revolutionized the way of cheating

As much as cheats are especially a problem in online games, single-player cheats were actually part of the fun back in old times.

5 exploits in video games that ruined favorite games

Many exploits in video games are usually well-hidden until they are discovered, and then they mostly ruin the game or render it unplayable.

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