6 games that reward careful driving

When it comes to video games, driving is usually interpreted as going fast and almost destructively to wherever you are trying to reach. Since there are usually no repercussions of dangerous driving in contrast to its real life scenarios, we can enjoy the high-RPM sounds of the engine and blurry world.

There are some games though, which reward careful and precise driving rather than the reckless approach. Today, we are remembering 6 games that prefer a slower driving rather than “pedal to the metal” type of driving.


6. Mafia

Mafia is praised for its great story and narrative besides the great design of its old-time world back in ’30s. Back in those days, cars were also not fast and agile either. Therefore, even if you wanted to go real fast, the cars could not handle it and remind you why you should go slow at the very first corner you crash. Since your missions rely on a careful approach, your driving has to abide by this rule too.