Thursday, June 13, 2024

A modder created Game Boy capture card

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One of the most iconic gaming devices of all time is definitely the Nintendo Game Boy. Wherever you go, almost everyone will know the simple and reliable design of this gray entertainment box with a square screen, a D-pad and two buttons. Many legendary games passed through the screen of this unforgettable device.

When it comes to recording the games you play though, only solution was holding a camera against the screen of Game Boy unless you were making some modifications. This problem is resolved finally, thanks to the great work from a modder named Sebastian Staacks. He created a capture card for this great device that is simple and effective.

As the user, you will not need any specific modifications to use this capture card with your Game Boy. It is a “plug and play” type of device and works as smoothly as possible. After managing to stream some movies or playing AAA games on the screen of Game Boy, this one is also a great success.

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