Sunday, July 3, 2022

Evil Dead sales passed half million copies in five days

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Multiplayer horror game Evil Dead came out on May 13, which was also a great thematic move as it hit the mark of Friday the 13th. By the report provided by the Embracer Group, it is confirmed that the game sold more than 500000 copies in just five days.

Game was actually planned for 2021, but there was a delay to both polish and add singleplayer mode to the game. Apparently the risk paid off nicely. Evil Dead managed to surpass the previous co-op zombie shooter by Saber Interactive, World War Z, in sales numbers.

In this game, there are five players at total. While four players co-operate to achieve their objectives, a fifth player hunts them as a demon. This is pretty much the similar system of famous asymmetric multiplayer horror game Dead By Daylight. If any of the roles are not occupied, AI can also fill it to make sure the game runs on proper player count. As the players get more “spooked”, they become mure volnerable against the demon’s attacks. At some point, the demon can even “possess” a player to attack its group.

The game seems quite popular at the moment and people are enjoying it. After the first month, it will be much more clear if the game is truly a great one since the graphics will be formed to track the popularity of the game.

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