Thursday, June 13, 2024

Xbox Series X/S will have noise suppression with latest update

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A new feature for Xbox will relieve a lot of people. Finally, Xbox is going to receive noise suppression feature to block a lot of external noises to help players enjoy their game more.

Almost everyone has at least one friend who breathes heavily into their microphones, listen to loud music or have some loud click noises in their equipment. Xbox Series X and S users will be finally saying goodbye to all that noise in party chats.

This feature will be easy to toggle on and off, so in case you are using some background music it will not be forcefully prevented on your behalf. This will be accessible in the Parties and Chats section. Today’s gaming world has all sorts of players and content, so such a feature is always appreciated.

The update also brings an easier way to join your friends’ games straight away. People who are checking their friends’ clips and screenshots will be able to join their games immediately by tapping the play button in the related content and enjoy the game. 

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