Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sony announces a new queue for PlayStation 5

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There were some recent public queues for Sony PlayStation 5 orders, and they were used up pretty quick very soon after they were announced. Today we are looking at another fresh restock from Sony, so if you are looking to buy a PlayStation 5 it may be your chance.

The digital storefront allows people to get into a queue and they notify you with a sound when your turn comes. You will be able to make a purchase then, but this time there are no various options with bundle and non-bundle choices. There is only the disc-based PlayStation 5 for $549.99 that also provides a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West.

If you are interested in only non-bundle options, feel free to stay tuned for future restocking announcements from Sony and you may come across better options that suit you. The restocks do not seem to be ending anytime soon, so good luck with it.

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