Thursday, December 9, 2021

Google licenses Stadia technology to other companies

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Earlier this year, Google announced that they were closing their Stadia game development studios, and Stadia General Manager Phil Harrison said they would share Stadia’s technical infrastructure with companies looking for game solutions.

According to the latest news, Google has started licensing Stadia technology to other companies.

According to information reported by 9to5 Google and confirmed by IGN, AT&T uses Stadia technology to offer Batman: Arkham Knight free to its wireless subscribers. For a limited time, customers will be able to play the game in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge at up to 1080p.

An AT&T spokesperson confirmed this information to IGN and said: “For this demo AT&T created a front end experience to enable gamers to play Batman: Arkham Knight directly from their own website and the game is playable on virtually any computer or laptop.”

Besides, although AT&T is a strong company in the mobile platform, it did not offer this offer over the smartphone. However, AT&T had offered six-month Stadio Pro access to 5G and fiber internet customers this year.

It looks like Google will use Stadia technology to develop the gaming industry and support other companies. Therefore, Google now uses Stadia not for making its own games, but for companies looking for game solutions.

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