Thursday, May 23, 2024

Julius Caesar is back for Civilization 6

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Civilization has been one of the greatest strategy series in the video game history, and sixth game is still quite cheap according to today’s standards. As if it is not enough, developers are bringing Julius Caesar back into the series for free.

Expected release date is 21st of November, 2022. You are only required to link a 2K account to Civilization 6. This release date, November 21, also brings us the first DLC of the new Leader Pass. Leader Pass will bring 6 DLC packs in total, and  this first one is called Great Negotiators Pack, containing Abraham Lincoln, Queen Nzinga Mbande and Sultan Saladin.

As you could imagine, Julius Caesar will have quite a lot of advantages and strengths to make Rome great again. If you have The Civilization 6 Anthology Edition, you will receive the new Leader Pass for free as a nice bonus.

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