Saturday, September 30, 2023

Mojang revealed Minecraft patch 1.20

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During the 2022 Minecraft Live event, Mojang announced the 1.20 patch and what we can expect. The patch is planned for a Spring 2023 release. Even better, there was a voting that took place which determined a playable feature from the 1.20 patch to be available just a few days from now. Winner of this voting was the Sniffer.

Mojang obviously wants to go hand in hand with its community in terms of developing and rolling out this 1.20 patch. There will be both cosmetics and gameplay changes, such as seven new default skins in addition to classic Steve.

Another reveal about this patch is the new bamboo construction material with all details it could have such as window designs and hanging signs. If you want more, there will be ridable camels that will allow two players to ride at the same time and it will be able to cross rivers unlike horses.

With the first snapshot of 1.20 update coming in just a few days, Mojang is keeping Minecraft fans quite excited.

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