Thursday, May 23, 2024

Nintendo leaked a new Pokemon

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Usually, dataminers are the ones who find out new additions or changes in the games before they officially happen. But this time, Nintendo made it so that dataminers could have no chance. Unfortunately, this is not an official launch or addition but a leak from Nintendo itself.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be having a new creature, and this one is leaked through Pokemon Go. This creature first appeared in the background of an official trailer for the new games. Currently there is no name for this guy, but it seems like a bug, carrying a coin on its back. 

The tweet above is provided by dataminers though, and it is the only close look we have at the moment. But it is not the first time we actually saw this creature. Back in October, the 14 minute trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet hid a bunch of Pokemon in plain sight, including this one. Reason it was noticed this late was the creature being concealed behind an in-game menu text.

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