Thursday, May 23, 2024

Ramattra will be the next Overwatch 2 hero

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After weeks of issues, Overwatch 2 finally seems more stable than it was during the launch. With those problems behind, now the game announces its next hero. Some players might recognize this character from a few years ago.

Ramattra was introduced back in the first game during Storm Rising PvE event, 2019. Players might remember him talking to Doomfist. There was not much known about him, but now we are having the chance to make a closer acquaintance. What separates Ramattra from other heroes is that he can use two very different and opposite forms.

One of the forms, called Omnic Form, will be focusing on protecting teammates from range. It will have a relatively slim size compared to his second form, which is called Nemesis Form. This one will turn Ramattra into a scary brawler, rushing in to stomp the squishy opponents in the backline.

With some lore in the background, Ramattra will probably be a good addition to the Overwatch 2 roster. We will be seeing the official introduction when Season 2 starts on 6th of December.

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