Thursday, May 23, 2024

Saints Row November Update is coming

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Developer of Saints Row, Volition, previously mentioned that they were focused on improving the game on all aspects rather than just adding cosmetics or similar stuff. After the Autumn update, now they are preparing for the November update. According to developers, it will have over 200 fixes and quality of life updates.

A few critical changes are listed as more pedestrians and police,  and more Saints roaming completed districts. This simply means more carnage to enjoy. About cars, there will be a lot more ways to manage your vehicles including more slots and 7 new garage locations.

Co-op mode is also fixed as it was problematic, there were issues such as connectivity, mini map bugs and proper rewarding of credits for players. Combat encounters are now more enjoyable and rewarding. Notoriety levels are easier to escape, and collectibles are easier to find. In case some of them you found were not properly tracked, they will be retroactively registered as found. Same goes for challenges too. This update really seems strong.

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