Thursday, June 13, 2024

Hellscreen puts a rear-view mirror into a FPS

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Every once in a while, a developer comes up with a truly crazy idea. This time, we are seeing Hellscreen doing it by putting a rear-view mirror into a FPS. If you think that it is just a cool and fun feature though, you are gravely mistaken.

Hellscreen actually builds its gameplay on top of this rear-view mirror feature. It is THE game. You can always swap to rear-view mode, and blast your opponents there. To encourage the use of rear-view mode, game grants double damage to you when shooting backwards. Besides, there will be some invisible enemies only visible in your rear-view mirror.

The game has a story similar to Painkiller, in terms of being trapped in the Purgatory and being pushed to destroy some evil forces. This time, ancient gods are bored of their eternal duty and they created a machine to take care of it. After some time, machine begins to malfunction and puts you in a very weird afterlife, which is what we experience during the gameplay. You are given an inhuman form and required to destroy this machine before it tears apart the entire existence.

Only thing you should be careful of is the possible motion sickness effects if you are prone to such things. Otherwise, feel free to check the Steam page for Hellscreen, as there is also a free demo to try the game.

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